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Added Value Logistics Consulting Ltd

Added Value Logistics Consulting Ltd (AVLC) is a small niche consulting group which provides clients with a long-term competitive advantage through the provision of achievable logistics strategies combined with improvements in logistics operational efficiency.

The key to AVLC’s continued success has been the ability of their consultancy teams to determine and answer those significant questions for which logistics management need answers in order to simultaneously improve their customer service levels and reduce overall operating costs. AVLC teams have a “toolkit” of logistics analysis techniques and decision support systems to quickly and effectively analyse situations, determine problem areas and quantify the impact of focused changes. Consultants offer imaginative solutions to problems to generate those all important improvements which secure competitive advantage.

Relevant Logistics Questions

Most significant assignments could be classified under one or more of the following six headings:

  1. Determining Logistics Strategy for a five or ten year horizon by understanding customer needs and potential changes.
  2. Application of logistics decision support toolkits to determine both long and short term cost reduction opportunities.
  3. Identifying productivity improvement, particularly by the application of new technology.
  4. Identifying improvements in customer service levels by the introduction of new logistics structures.
  5. Establishment of defined contractual relationships between those third-parties involved in the supply chain process.
  6. Logistics software selection and implementation to improve information flow in terms of availability, accuracy and timeliness throughout the supply chain.

AVLC’s main client base consists of multi-national “blue-chip” manufacturing and retail companies. AVLC also act as specialist logistics sub-contractors to multi-national consulting companies and software implementation companies. As a result, AVLC undertake assignments in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Australasia, USA and Canada. Many assignments are on inter-continental logistics operations.

AVLC clients include rapidly growing business in areas as diverse as agriculture, food and drink, electronics, publishing, petroleum consumer products, industrial products, utilities and distribution services. In addition, AVLC bring private sector experience to team assignments for Central Government, Local Government and UK or European Government Agencies.

AVLC Directors are Consultants who have previously had extensive experience with one of the “big six” European Management Consultants. In order to provide their clients with appropriate consulting terms AVLC has access to a pool of associated Consultants who individually offer a specific “leading edge” logistics consultancy skill. These associated Consultants also have either experience at senior levels in large European Management Consulting operations or have been Logistics Directors in “blue chip” multi-national or European operations.

AVLC staff contribute to logistics monographs published by Added Value Logistics Publications Ltd. These monographs address specific issues and provide a step-by-step practical guide for logistics managers who need to address the specific problems. The format of each monograph is question and answer, plus real examples of specific output documents or requirements. After sales market research indicates that Logistics Managers have found that the content and format of these monographs are particularly useful.

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